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I have been away for a while and I apologize for my absence but summer is a crazy time for me between working two jobs, trying to make it down to the beach (only happened for a week), and going to as many concerts as I can on my budget and in my free time. However, during my busy schedule I rather impulsively got another tattoo, but I still only have two.

The guy that did my tattoo (and I say guy specifically rather than artist) was doing drugs when he did my tattoo and didn’t do a very good job. He created a green bandanna which people mistook for a flower, a tongue, or even a female private part. To make things worse, he put spots in the background that I had no idea he was going to do. I don’t regret getting the tattoo for my friend Vinny who passed away, I do regret going to that guy though. My advice to you: don’t ever go to someone’s house to get a tattoo. Not only will you most likely not get what you want, but it could lead to infection. I was very lucky not to get sick.

So I got something that I never thought I would have to do: a cover-up. I was merely looking for ideas when I recalled a shop that I had

Dave Azma Knauer Tattoo

Dave Azma Knauer Tattoo

blogged about last fall called Sinful Art Tattoo in Vineland, NJ. I stopped in to see what could be done to my horrible looking bandanna, maybe make it look more like what it was supposed to be. The artist I spoke with discussed really turning it into a flower (people thought that is what it was anyway) but adding two more flowers on the side of it to make it look balanced. He told me the price and showed me the picture of the flower and before I knew it I was sitting in the chair with a needle in my skin.

Dave “Azma” Knauer did a beautiful job on the back of my neck. He managed to turn the dimensionless green bandanna into a red and silver flower. I would definitely go back and see him again for my next tattoo, even if it is about a 45 minute drive from my house. The outline hurt like a mother, but once he started in on the shading I felt like I was sitting in a vibrating message chair. I do wish that he would have went over the name and dates, but tattoo artists don’t like touching other people’s work unless they are covering it up. Normally people don’t compare getting a tattoo to a comfortable experience, but maybe I was just meant to have tattoos and they weren’t.


Tattoo Artist Pete Delia’s Artwork

Pete Delia, 34,  is the owner of Sinful Art Tattoo in Vineland, NJ who has been tattooing for 11 years and owned his own shop for six years.  This week I wanted to take the time to not just tell you about his unique talent and skills, but to show you his artwork that is permanently attached to many tattoo lovers’ skin.

Pete Delia Tattoo

Delia’s art courtesy of his Facebook page.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ courtesy of Delia’s Facebook page.


Hellboy courtesy of Delia’s Facebook page

Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons courtesy of Delia’s Facebook page


Traveling Tattoo Artists: Sinful Art Tattoo

Pete Delia

Sinful Art Tattoo owner Pete Delia

VINELAND—The tattoo artists at Sinful Art Tattoo Rt. 47 don’t like to tattoo customers in a confined, claustrophobic space like most shops do.  They instead tattoo clients in a wide, open area where they can relax and be among other people getting tattoos.  Not only that, but the artists like to travel to places and events to share their South Jersey style with other tattoo lovers.

“Tattoo conventions are usually just a gathering of tattoo artists from all around the world,” said Pete Delia, owner of Sinful Art Tattoo in Vineland.  “It’s pretty much just a big, open area where we set up temporary booths, and you get different artists from around the world that will come to people that want to be tattooed by them.”

Pete Delia, 34, has been tattooing for 11 years and has owned his own shop for six years.  The shop can be found open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 12-9 and Sunday through Monday by appointment only.  Delia has a special interest in photo realism and portraits, but does every kind of tattoo from the Aztec calendar to stick figures.

Sinful Art Tattoo

Sinful Art Tattoo

One the weekend of September 27-30, the guys at Sinful Art Tattoo set up a booth at the Sinful Art Tattoo Expo in conjunction with the White Rose Thunder motorcycle rally in York, Pennsylvania.  Around 35,000 people were in attendance and tattoo artists from all over the country showed up to do amazing works of art.

Four other tattoo artists also work at the shop: Josh “Dynamo” has been tattooing there for 6 years, Dave “AZMA” Knauer has been working there for a year and a half, Mike has been working there for 3 years, Ernie has been working there for a year, and Don the apprentice and piercer has been there for a year.  Mike, Dave, and Don work there full time and Josh and Ernie work there part time.

Delia decided to set up Sinful Art Tattoo differently from his first tattoo shop.  “We have an open style shop to where I only have one booth that is set up for private sessions and the rest of the shop is an open layout so when you are getting tattooed

Sinful Art Tattoo

Sinful Art Tattoo

everybody else is getting tattooed around you.” said Delia.  For those who are waiting to be tattooed, there is a great display of pictures and drawings all over the walls.

Delia plans to continue traveling to tattoo conventions annually.  “It’s a chance for people to get tattooed by somebody that they wouldn’t normally get tattooed by,” he said.  “People that are tattoo collectors that don’t just want to go to the same person like different artists.  It’s a way for them to get to a close area and get tattooed by different people.“