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Arm Tattoos by Artist Pete Delia

Before I posted about tattoo artist and owner of Sinful Art Tattoo in Vineland, NJ Pete Delia’s artwork with portraits of different celebrities and pop culture icons, but this time I wanted to show off more arm tattoos that he has done on different people courtesy of his Facebook page.

Pete Delia Tattoo


Skull Tattoo by Pete Delia


Tiger Tattoo by Pete Delia


Spider Tattoo by Pete Delia


Traveling Tattoo Artists: Sinful Art Tattoo

Pete Delia

Sinful Art Tattoo owner Pete Delia

VINELAND—The tattoo artists at Sinful Art Tattoo Rt. 47 don’t like to tattoo customers in a confined, claustrophobic space like most shops do.  They instead tattoo clients in a wide, open area where they can relax and be among other people getting tattoos.  Not only that, but the artists like to travel to places and events to share their South Jersey style with other tattoo lovers.

“Tattoo conventions are usually just a gathering of tattoo artists from all around the world,” said Pete Delia, owner of Sinful Art Tattoo in Vineland.  “It’s pretty much just a big, open area where we set up temporary booths, and you get different artists from around the world that will come to people that want to be tattooed by them.”

Pete Delia, 34, has been tattooing for 11 years and has owned his own shop for six years.  The shop can be found open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 12-9 and Sunday through Monday by appointment only.  Delia has a special interest in photo realism and portraits, but does every kind of tattoo from the Aztec calendar to stick figures.

Sinful Art Tattoo

Sinful Art Tattoo

One the weekend of September 27-30, the guys at Sinful Art Tattoo set up a booth at the Sinful Art Tattoo Expo in conjunction with the White Rose Thunder motorcycle rally in York, Pennsylvania.  Around 35,000 people were in attendance and tattoo artists from all over the country showed up to do amazing works of art.

Four other tattoo artists also work at the shop: Josh “Dynamo” has been tattooing there for 6 years, Dave “AZMA” Knauer has been working there for a year and a half, Mike has been working there for 3 years, Ernie has been working there for a year, and Don the apprentice and piercer has been there for a year.  Mike, Dave, and Don work there full time and Josh and Ernie work there part time.

Delia decided to set up Sinful Art Tattoo differently from his first tattoo shop.  “We have an open style shop to where I only have one booth that is set up for private sessions and the rest of the shop is an open layout so when you are getting tattooed

Sinful Art Tattoo

Sinful Art Tattoo

everybody else is getting tattooed around you.” said Delia.  For those who are waiting to be tattooed, there is a great display of pictures and drawings all over the walls.

Delia plans to continue traveling to tattoo conventions annually.  “It’s a chance for people to get tattooed by somebody that they wouldn’t normally get tattooed by,” he said.  “People that are tattoo collectors that don’t just want to go to the same person like different artists.  It’s a way for them to get to a close area and get tattooed by different people.“

Get rid of the pain: tattoos for moving on

Danielle Fewer courtesy of her Facebook page

One of the hardest things people have to do in life is move on.  Whether someone’s significant other broke up with them or someone close has passed on to the next life, the emotional pain can be unbearable.  People search for many ways to deal with the pain, but not everyone is able to accept it and move on.  Danielle Fewer of Haddonfield, NJ has found her way of moving on.

In the state of New Jersey, the legal age to get a tattoo without parental consent is 18-years-old.  At 20-years-old, Danielle already has five.

With five tattoos and counting, Danielle is no stranger to the tattoo gun.  Her artwork is placed across her heart, wrists, and left shoulder blade that will last a lifetime.  With no end for permanent art in sight, I got in touch with Danielle this week to talk about her pieces and why she decided to get them.

Q: Describe your tattoos and where they are on your body.

Danielle Fewer Tattoo

Danielle’s tattoo courtesy of her Facebook page

A: I have my biological mom’s initials with her birth and death date across my heart.  I never met my mom, so this was my way to honor her because she is my role model.  I have “To err is human; To forgive, divine” on my wrists because i went through some really tough times when I was 12-13 years old and the only way i could “get over it” was by forgiving him.  I heard this quote in the middle of the whole ordeal and it always stuck with me.

I have “strength” with an infinity symbol around it below the “To forgive, divine” because being strong has been the only choice I’ve had to deal with what I’ve had to deal with in my life.  This tattoo is a reminder for me to be strong when it seems like I can’t be and it takes a lot of strength to forgive someone.

Lastly, I have a red rose in the shape of a heart on my left shoulder blade to honor my mom because she had a tattoo of a red rose on her left shoulder, which was her favorite flower.  I added the shape of a heart because even though I never met her, I will always love her.

Danielle Fewer Tattoo

Danielle’s tattoo courtesy of her Facebook page

Q: Where did you get your tattoos done and how long did they take to do?

A: My tattoos were done at Body Graphics in Philadelphia, Body Art in Stratford, NJ, a friend of my girlfriend’s, and a tattoo party.  My “To err is human; To forgive divine” tattoo took about a half hour to complete and my “strength” tattoo took about 5-10 minutes to finish.

My Mom’s initials and birth and death dates tattoo took about a half hour and the red rose tattoo took about two hours to finish and it was the most painful out of the rest of my tattoos.  The cost of each tattoo ranged from around $30 to atmost $200.  I definitely want another tattoo on my upper arm, but I was also thinking about getting one on the back of my neck, on my ankle, or behind my ear.

Q: How do people react to your tattoos and has your opinion changed about them?

Danielle Fewer Tattoo

Danielle’s tattoo courtesy of her Facebook page

A: People do not really react to my tattoos in a positive way. They usually get annoyed that i choose places on my body for tattoos that make it difficult to cover up for work, like my wrists.

The only change that I would do if I could have them done all over again would be the placement of each tattoo because it is frustrating and difficult to try to buy clothes for job interviews and always having to wear long sleeves if I was offered the job.

Q: Do you have any advice for people looking to get tattoos?

A: My advice to people tattoo shopping would be to make your artwork meaningful and always go to a professional.  Getting a tattoo from a friend or at a tattoo party is cheaper, but you get what you pay for.

Arm Tattoos

When searching for someone who does great arm tattoos. there are very few people I would go to without knowing what their work looks like. Tattoo artist William Trask of West Berlin, New Jersey is the artist you want to go to for some fresh new ink.  He has flexable working hours as long as an appointment is scheduled ahead of time and is willing to work well into the night.  The larger the artwork, the better.  William Trask can be contacted through his facebook page.  Here are some of his most recent tattoos that he has been working on:

Cover Up Tattoo by William Trask courtesy of his facebook page

Tattoo by William Trask Courtesy of his facebook page

Christine Seibert’s tattoo by William Trask courtesy of his facebook page

Corey Altman’s tattoo by William Trask courtesy of his facebook page