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Arm Tattoos by Artist Pete Delia

Before I posted about tattoo artist and owner of Sinful Art Tattoo in Vineland, NJ Pete Delia’s artwork with portraits of different celebrities and pop culture icons, but this time I wanted to show off more arm tattoos that he has done on different people courtesy of his Facebook page.

Pete Delia Tattoo


Skull Tattoo by Pete Delia


Tiger Tattoo by Pete Delia


Spider Tattoo by Pete Delia


Sentimental Value: Interview with Jason Kramer

Jason Kramer

Jason Kramer courtesy of his Facebook page

There are many things, places, and people in life that can bring nostalgia to a person.  A person can feel a sense of sentiment through a stuffed animal they used to sleep with as a child.  For Jason Kramer, that nostalgia comes from his tattoos.

Jason Kramer is a 21-year-old Asteelflash worker who used to live in Mt. Laurel, NJ but who now  lives in Owego, NY.  With four tattoos and counting, Jason’s love for tattoos is inspired by events that have happened in his lifetime.  I was able to catch up with him this week to talk about his current tattoos and his plans for more ink.

Q:  What are your tattoos and why did you decide to get them?

A: I have a Glassjaw tattoo, a skull, “the blood of thine enemies” tattooed on my back and a surgeon cutting my flesh on my ribs.  Glassjaw is my favorite band of all time and the tattoo reminds me of growing up.  I was really into that band when I was 17 and 18 and they kinda changed my life.  I know it sounds lame, but every time I see it I smile and it reminds me of a lot of drunk nights in my friend Ronnie’s car.  The skull was to remind me how death is around every turn.  I felt particularly depressed because someone close to me died. So the skull is to remember that death will always be with you. It changes you. Days are a little less bright when all the good stars burn out.  “The blood of thine enemies” is to remember i am only as good as what pumps in the heart of the things i hate and the surgeon is to remind me there is always something underneath the skin.

Q: When did you get your tattoos and who did them?

A: Well my first two tattoos (the Glassjaw tat and the skull) were done in a kitchen by my friend Dan and my friend Philly.  The surgeon was done by Tattoo Mary at Owego Tattoo in Owego, NY. “The blood of thine enemies” was done in my friend Roger’s house but he has a

Jason Kramer Surgeon Cutting Skin Tattoo

Surgeon Cutting into Skin tattoo courtesy of Jason Kramer’s Facebook page

studio he runs out of his home.  I got my first tat when I was 17, my second one when I was 19,and my last two this year.  I’m getting my chest done in a month.

Q: How long did they take to complete and how painful were they?

A: The glass jaw and the skull took about 20 minutes each, the surgeon took about three hours, and “the blood of thine enemies” took four hours.  Well at first on a scale of 1-10 they were about a 2 but when i hit hour three it started to hurt badly.  The surgeon on my ribs hurt like hell when I hit hour three.  After that, I started sweating from the pain.

Q: What is your next tattoo going going to be?

A: I’m going to get the album art work for “On My Shield” by the band Converge on my whole chest because of the lyrics “all of our pain is worth it together we fall apart, as love’s war rages on.” Love will always be a fight but its always worth it no matter how many nights you spend on an empty bed.

Q: Has your opinion changed about them and how do other people react?

A: Well my friends think my tattoos are awesome and girls think they’re sexy so I can’t complain.  I have all of them are on my chest

Jason Kramer The Blood of Thine Enemies Tattoo

Jason Kramer’s tattoo courtesy of his Facebook page

and back and ribs so no one can really see them but whoever can is usually accepting.  My opinion hasn’t changed about them really. Each one means something to me, even if it looks like it got done in a kitchen.  Each tattoo is a badge of pride for me. Each one is very special to me and carry a lot of “sentimental” value.  I got each one for particular events in my life, each one reminds me of someone or some period of my life and the events that drove me to get tattoos.

Meaning in the artwork

Art is beautiful, but it is the meaning behind it that really makes it art.  This week, I wanted to delve into the meanings behind two young people’s tattoos: 21-year-old Jared Baker of Maple Shade, NJ and 21-year old Steven Wallenburg of Camden, NJ.  Here are their tattoo stories:

Jared Baker’s tattoo gives the illusion that a bald eagle with an American flag background is ripping through his right shoulder.  It is his only tattoo but craves for more.  “My dad has two tattoos and I have always wanted one ever since I was a little kid,” said Baker.  “My dad took me to get it for my 16th birthday at Jersey Devil Tattoo.  It’s supposed to symbolize that America is a part of me and I’m proud to be an American.  Like a patriot, I love my country.”

On his right forearm, Steven Wallenburg has a tattoo of an archangel ripping off a good angel’s wings (who has yet to be tattooed on Wallenburg’s left arm) from Premiere tattoo.  “It’s to resemble that even the rich and powerful, no matter how good you are, no matter how hard you work, eventually you are going to fall,” said Wallenburg. “It’s on you to pick yourself back up and dust yourself off and become that good angel again.  If you don’t have the strength, you’re just going to fall like everyone else does.”

On the inside of his lower right leg, Steven Wallenburg has a tattoo of a skull in the middle of two roses with dog tags coming out of his eyes from Premiere Tattoo.  “It is a memorial to my father who passed away when I was five,” said Wallenburg.  “It’s a classic tattoo that I changed up and drew up on my own and added dog tags to it to symbolize my father being in the navy.  That tattoo was very hard to trust a tattoo artist to do because of how much meaning it has to me.”