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November 1-3 AC Tattoo Expo

tattoo_artistMy article Atlantic City hosts the ‘Drawin’ the Wildcard’ Tattoo Expo for the Indulge section of the South Jersey Times.


Mythic Ink Tattoo and Body Piercing Photography














Mythic Ink Tattoo and Body Piercing Soundslide


I have been away for a while and I apologize for my absence but summer is a crazy time for me between working two jobs, trying to make it down to the beach (only happened for a week), and going to as many concerts as I can on my budget and in my free time. However, during my busy schedule I rather impulsively got another tattoo, but I still only have two.

The guy that did my tattoo (and I say guy specifically rather than artist) was doing drugs when he did my tattoo and didn’t do a very good job. He created a green bandanna which people mistook for a flower, a tongue, or even a female private part. To make things worse, he put spots in the background that I had no idea he was going to do. I don’t regret getting the tattoo for my friend Vinny who passed away, I do regret going to that guy though. My advice to you: don’t ever go to someone’s house to get a tattoo. Not only will you most likely not get what you want, but it could lead to infection. I was very lucky not to get sick.

So I got something that I never thought I would have to do: a cover-up. I was merely looking for ideas when I recalled a shop that I had

Dave Azma Knauer Tattoo

Dave Azma Knauer Tattoo

blogged about last fall called Sinful Art Tattoo in Vineland, NJ. I stopped in to see what could be done to my horrible looking bandanna, maybe make it look more like what it was supposed to be. The artist I spoke with discussed really turning it into a flower (people thought that is what it was anyway) but adding two more flowers on the side of it to make it look balanced. He told me the price and showed me the picture of the flower and before I knew it I was sitting in the chair with a needle in my skin.

Dave “Azma” Knauer did a beautiful job on the back of my neck. He managed to turn the dimensionless green bandanna into a red and silver flower. I would definitely go back and see him again for my next tattoo, even if it is about a 45 minute drive from my house. The outline hurt like a mother, but once he started in on the shading I felt like I was sitting in a vibrating message chair. I do wish that he would have went over the name and dates, but tattoo artists don’t like touching other people’s work unless they are covering it up. Normally people don’t compare getting a tattoo to a comfortable experience, but maybe I was just meant to have tattoos and they weren’t.

Music Tattoos: Rowan Graduate John Laszko

When Rowan University Graduate with a BA in Radio, Television, and Film John Laszko isn’t finishing up school work and preparing to graduate, in his spare time he shows his love of music and his home through his tattoos.  I was able to catch up with him this week to take pictures of his one-of-a-kind artwork.

John Laszkow's first tattoo  of a heart and skull for the band Alkaline Trio

John Laszkow’s first tattoo of a heart and skull for the band Alkaline Trio done at Adrenaline New Jersey in Brick, NJ

John Laszkow's second "Born Raised" New Jersey tattoo done at Slingin Ink in Point Pleasant, NJ

John Laszkow’s second “Born Raised” New Jersey tattoo done at Slingin Ink in Point Pleasant, NJ

John Laszkow's fourth tattoo of a microphone drawn up by his friend Amy and done by Jay Herring at his home in New Jersey.

John Laszkow’s fourth tattoo of a microphone drawn up by his friend Amy and done by Jay Herring at his home in New Jersey

What to add to my first tattoo…

So I’m starting to get that 1 year itch where I really want to get new ink, but I’m not quite sure what to get.  My first tattoo was the words BREAK AWAY in black ink across my lower back (yes a tramp stamp, but not the typical butterfly tattoo some girls tend to get there).

I wanted my first tattoo to be simple so that I could add to it later if I choose to, which is what I want to do now.  I am starting to see that my mom has a method to her madness, and the words don’t look very feminine because of the font I choose to go there.

My one roommate said I should add sparrows on the sides of it with them flying away, but I’m not sure about that.  She also suggested the silhouettes of birds flying away in the distance, which I think would look better than two sparrows on each side.  However, I only have a mental picture of the tattoo in my head after more work will be added to it.

I’m not sure of any other ideas right now.  What do you think?

2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 7,700 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 13 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Family Tattoos: Photos of Samantha Marie Safchinsky’s Tattoos

Family means a lot to Samantha Marie Safchinsky.  At 20 years old, she has three tattoos and counting.  However, if Samantha gets any more tattoos right now her mother has threatened not to pay for her college tuition anymore.  Needless to say she is taking a little break from permanent ink on her body.  This week she wanted to share with me (and with the rest of the world) her one of a kind tattoos about her heritage and dedication tattoos to her family members.  These photos are courtesy of her Facebook page.

Angel Tattoo Samantha Safchinsky

Pop-Eye Tattoo Samantha Safchinsky

Fight off your Demons Samantha Safchinsky



Arm Tattoos by Artist Pete Delia

Before I posted about tattoo artist and owner of Sinful Art Tattoo in Vineland, NJ Pete Delia’s artwork with portraits of different celebrities and pop culture icons, but this time I wanted to show off more arm tattoos that he has done on different people courtesy of his Facebook page.

Pete Delia Tattoo


Skull Tattoo by Pete Delia


Tiger Tattoo by Pete Delia


Spider Tattoo by Pete Delia

People Under 25 with Tattoos

It seems like everyone and their mother has at least one tattoo, whether they like it or not.  More people under the age of 25 are getting tattoos and I found a few of them that like to show them off to the world.

Sean McClellanSean McClellan ‘s one of a kind tattoo that took 3 hours to draw and 10 hours to do, courtesy of his Facebook page.

neah tattooNeah Walker‘s tattoo of a rose and butterfly on her lower back done by Twisted Tony courtesy of her Facebook page.

Christina CagleChristina Cagle‘s beautiful star tattoo on the right side of her stomach courtesy of her Facebook page.