Permanent artwork and the motivations behind it

About the Author

My name is Brianna Foley. I am a 22-year-old journalism graduate from Rowan University and a full-time customer service representative at McKesson Corporation.  I dream of becoming a network news anchor for the Philadelphia area, but I would also love to have my own rock radio show.  I enjoy artwork and going to as many live rock and metal shows as I possibly can.

Brianna Foley

Brianna Foley

I now own two tattoos; the words BREAK AWAY in black across my lower back and my friend Vinny’s name in cursive above one large red flower with two smaller silver/red flowers on either side of it with his birth and death dates on the sides next to his name on the back of my neck.  I choose the first piece of artwork because there have been so many people that have tried to tell me what to do with my life and who have tried to control it, but I am my own person and decide what is best for me.  That is the meaning behind it and no it is not based off of the Three Days Grace song (though it is one of my favorites).  I wanted the second one because I miss my friend Vinny so much and have something to remember him by whenever I look in the mirror.  Tattoos were his life and the tattoo I have for him was the best way I could honor his memory.

I never expected to get tattoos so early in my life, but it was inevitable that at some point I was going to get at least one.  I have always been so indecisive and picky when it comes to things that are permanent that it shocks me to this day that I still love my tattoos more with time.  It seems that more people have tattoos now than they ever did in the twentieth century.  There were many factors I had to consider before getting them though, such as the tattoo placement in case I grew to hate it one day.  Why would I even think about getting a tattoo if I didn’t know I would love it for the rest of my life?  Mistakes happen in life, for the most part when people are young, but at least I have enough sense to put something I love now in a place on my body I don’t have to look at everyday unless I wanted too.

The picture in my header is from the blog Tattoos for Men.


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