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What to add to my first tattoo…

So I’m starting to get that 1 year itch where I really want to get new ink, but I’m not quite sure what to get.  My first tattoo was the words BREAK AWAY in black ink across my lower back (yes a tramp stamp, but not the typical butterfly tattoo some girls tend to get there).

I wanted my first tattoo to be simple so that I could add to it later if I choose to, which is what I want to do now.  I am starting to see that my mom has a method to her madness, and the words don’t look very feminine because of the font I choose to go there.

My one roommate said I should add sparrows on the sides of it with them flying away, but I’m not sure about that.  She also suggested the silhouettes of birds flying away in the distance, which I think would look better than two sparrows on each side.  However, I only have a mental picture of the tattoo in my head after more work will be added to it.

I’m not sure of any other ideas right now.  What do you think?